How to Keep Your Body Fit and Tight in the Long-Term

keep body fit

Start Small

For beginners, starting small is the key for achieving consistency in fitness. So make sure you start small. If you start big from the start, your chances of keeping a tight body are small, your motivation may decrease very fast. So start with few repeats of your training.

Warm up the core

Before you start your exercise, do core warm ups. If your core isn’t warmed up it will get injured. So prevent injuries by warming up the core.

Stay focused on your fitness goals

Each one of us have different fitness goals. Set your goals for the long run. If you set fitness goals that is too hard for your body, you might injure yourself or lose motivation. So always keep in mind that fitness is a commitment for life. Your goals must help you live a healthier and long life. Reward yourself once you achieve a goal.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

It is necessary to start your day with a good protein breakfast that can provide you enough fuel to go through your day. Skipping your breakfast for one day can cause you to over eat later in that day. So eat your breakfast and satisfy your appetite.

Balance your meals

Never miss a meal! Plan your meals the day before. Balance your meals help you to get the proper amount of nutrients for your body. A basic nutritional meal can contain vegetables or fruits, some lean protein and whole grains. Drinks include water, low fat milk or dairy substitute, fruits or vegetable juices or tea.

Get enough sleep

Sleep and fitness is strongly related to each other. Everyone requires different hours of sleep. According to a research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people especially women who are deprived of sleep are more likely to gain 33 pounds over the range of next 16 years than those who sleeps atleast seven hours per night.

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